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Links to Helpful Resources

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Information About Dementia

http://www.dementiaguide.com/aboutdementia/   – This site has a lot of good information in one place.  In particular, the menu in the left panel under Understanding Dementia  covers more than the standard memory problems that are listed by other sites.   The Symptom Library, also listed in the left panel, has an extensive list of more things that will be impacted.

Teepa Snow videos on Dementia (more can be found in the side panel of the individual videos):List of Availabe vidoes about dementia from Teepa Snow.  This is another playlist of her videos:  A Selection of YouTube videos of Teepa Snow

Financial Considerations



How to Heal: A Guide For Caregivers – This book is more focused on being around chronic disease such as cancer, but it’s a great resource in teaching someone how to just “be” with someone and support them.  I also enjoyed his book  The Bedside Manifesto: Healing the Heart of Healthcare, but it’s a bit off topic here.   He does have a blog:  http://healinghealthcarebook.com/blog/  (had a hard time finding his most current one, so I’m listing it here).


Medications that can slow the brain:  http://geriatricsforcaregivers.net/medications-to-avoid-if-worried-about-memory/


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