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Year of Firsts

The first year of loss is a special year. I once went to a yoga and grief workshop. The yoga instructor (also a grief counselor) said that there is a reason why they don’t recommend you make big, important decisions for that first year after you have suffered a great loss, be it from a death, divorce, etc., because there are measurable changes in how your brain works.

So, in the Year of Firsts…

  • Thanksgiving, check
  • Christmas, check

Lot’s of daily things to get through, but I guess the next big holiday will be Mother’s Day…

Your Year of Firsts: http://www.freitagfuneralhome.com/publications/first-year-grief.htm


6 thoughts on “Year of Firsts

  1. Yes, I have heard one should not make any decisions for quite some time after they lose someone they love. When my brother died and the man was collecting info from me for his death certificate – He told me, they do not use death certificates as legal documents to prove anything. Why – because they figure the person is so upset from the loss, they give the wrong information. I thought that was interesting. I cannot tell you how long it takes to get over the death of your Mother, after 13 years, my Mother’s death still brings tears to my eyes and I miss her every day. Hugs and love to you and I hope the ache in your heart gets better someday.


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