‘Round and ‘Round

If I knew English literature better, or maybe the humanities, I perhaps could find an appropriate analogy.  But I’m at a loss.

I’ve been thinking about Dad and his circular thinking.  How he won’t let anyone help him with just about anything of importance because he insists he is working on a plan, yet his thought process is just going around and around, only occasionally taking twist or a turn, but still he seems to manage to land in the same spot where he started.

Going ’round and ’round…. (image: http://imgur.com/gallery/3LEZzyP)

Some seniors tell stories over and over, or ask the same questions, so this must be my dad’s version.  Seems like it should be a metaphor for something….

I tried googling, but got sidetracked, reading about whether or not people really walk in circles when they are lost (one could say that Dad is kinda lost):

…people circle when their internal sense of “straight ahead” becomes corrupted by random errors in their sense of touch, balance or spatial awareness. Small errors lead to random walks, while larger errors cause circling. And that has a massive impact on their ability to get, well, anywhere.

Despite walking [blindfolded] for 50 minutes, most of these people never made it very far. Within a few minutes, their average distance from the starting point levelled off so that they were usually around 100 metres of it.


When I think about this too much, all I get are strange geometric figures like Penrose Triangles or Mobius Strips, and this song that starts going through my mind, having grown up in the seventies 🙂