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I have experienced a lot of loss in the last six years, but *nothing*, including expectation, prepares you for the loss of your mother.

I am going through the phases, complicated by heavy demands on my time at work, needing to deal with the paperwork of death 😦 , and my dad. I have had a few wonderful dreams where mom has visited and hold them dear. Sometimes, like now, I feel more detached from the loss (acceptance?), other times I am raw with pain.

I try to respect the emotions of others and how different individuals process emotions differently. I try not to judge. There is a segment of the family that is detached, uncaring on some level. I am putting together a slide show of memories of Mom for our thanksgiving, they will not be participating. Their lack of participation is not about their grief, but about their apathy towards someone they claimed to have loved.

These are the things that change family dynamics forever. I am not angry at them, I just don’t like who they are as people very much.


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  1. Losing a Mother is traumatic and seems to be so hard to deal with. My Mother has been gone (from dementia) for 13 years and I still miss her every day. My daughter helped me make a youtube tribute video to my mom which I posted awhile back. I watch this video now and then and I always shed a few years, even after all this time. I always heard you could pick your friends, but not your family members. I know many people are insensitive and it is quite irritating. Love, prayers, hugs, and best wishes to you.

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