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APS: case closed

Because Dad is not caring for Mom as he should, the care facility, with our blessing, reported him to APS.

Having learned from his experience with them previously, this time he refused to sign the papers allowing them to help.

Since Mom is not being grossly neglected (seems to be a matter of interpretation), APS will be closing the case, and thus closing the door to them being able to help the situation. They did say that if we felt that mom is in danger, we can call the sheriff. Mom *is* in danger, since she is not getting nutrition and meds, but we are stuck, and heartbroken.



2 thoughts on “APS: case closed

    • Yes, very sad, and frustrating. I’ve been trying to avoid the situation for awhile, but we all know that that is impossible, things must be done, and we carry on. Back down the rabbit hole today…

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